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sharon jones

28 days ago

I am very new to this. I am doing a study on the effects of insect feeding on small trees. I currently have a MultiSpeQ 1. I would like to do stomatal conductance on trees. Looking at the website I am having problems finding a protocol to use. I am wondering if there is a conversion available to the MultiSpeQ 1.0 to allow it to do this or am I looking at getting a MultiSpeQ 2.0? If I have to get a 2.o version do you accept trade-ins?

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Atsuko Kanazawa

23 days ago

Hi Sharon,

In order to measure the stomatal conductance, it requires an external pump system, and it is under development. And yes, MultispeQ V.2 would be compatible with the pump system, but it will be awhile until the system becomes available to the users. FYI.