Leaf photosynthesis MultispeQ v2 Protocol Run Time

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Hello, I would like to inquire about protocol run time. I am using MultispeQ v 2.0; Firmware 2.0005 I checked following protocol runtime. Leaf Photosynthesis MultispeQ v 1 50 Second Lead Photosynthesis MultispeQ v 2 50 Seconds RIDES Protocol 1 min 20 seconds

Is it fine or we need to adjust our instrument, Open and Close Clamp position. On website, protocol runtime is <15 Seconds Measures the same photosynthesis-related parameters in <15 seconds as 'Leaf Photosynthesis MutlispeQ v1.0' plus additional PS1 and P700 measurements.

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    Mar 2019

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    Mar 2019

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Mar 2019

It sounds like an issue with the calibration of the open and close position. I would calibrate the positions for two reasons:

  1. When clamping the leaf and waiting for an extended period of time before running the protocol, you might perturb steady state photosynthesis, which might causes a less accurate measurement of the photosynthetic parameters
  2. You save a lot of time when doing large scale experiments

Hello Sebastian Would you please send me calibration of the open and close position. Either we need to do as follow or something else 1- Connect the device with Desktop application 2- Click on setting Tab..... A pop up window open with three Tab 3- Click on Instrument Settings Tab (central One) 4- Make the Clamp Open .... 5- Press the button Set ---- Clamp Position Open 6 - Close the Clamp while placing leaf.... 7- Press the button Set ... Clamp Position

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Mar 2019

Please follow these instructions as discussed here.

  1. Open the Desktop App and connect your Instrument
  2. Select View->Console from the menu to open the console
  3. Use the command set_open_closed_positions followed by enter
  4. You get asked to set the open position = 4mm and closed position = 2mm
  5. Use + followed by enter after each position.