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I logged into my project to retrieve data from November 12 and 13 2018. After I clicked “View Data” I was given the option to “Update” the data in my project, to which I agreed. However, there is only metadata as output. This was not fixed by “Show Advanced Parameters” ( Instead a new column named “Issues” appeared with the only value for all rows of “2”. I need to analyse these data by March 14th. Can you please advise how to fix this issue?

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Mar 2019

We have updated our servers, so the issues should be resolved.


Dear Sebastian, Thanks for your help. As of today, 15 March 2019, I can see that most of the dataset is present. Results are shown for “highPhi2, LEF, lightintensity, NPQt, Phi2”. However, “PSIact, PSIopen, PSIor, PSIox, SPAD, tP700” columns are empty.

SPAD would be specially valuable. Is there any way to get SPAD in the next few days?

I also notice that the result matrix is much simpler than before. Is there any reason other than simpler output?

Cheers, Gonzalo

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Mar 2019

Hey Gonzalo,

I'm glad, you have some of the data back! As far as I can see, you were working with Dave on this measurement protocol and macro. The macro is connected to 7 protocols in total, so if it got modified to work with one of those protocols, it might impact yours now.

I will take a look tomorrow and see if I can figure out if we can bring some of the parameters back, but please also contact Dave, as he is the author of the macro.

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Matias Beltramino

13 days ago

I had the same problem last week with another project. Can you tell me if you could solve the problem in any way?