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Active Carbon Soil 1 & 2 g with prompt - Beta MultispeQ only

Takes a single measurement with spec for active soil carbon, permanganate solution, and prompts user for input weight of analyzed soil.

Phi2 in algae (Beta MultispeQ ONLY)

Measure photosynthesis parameters Phi2 (photosystem II efficiency) in algae. This parameter uses a constant actinic intensity rather than using ambient part. This is primarily used for measuring algae in a bioreactor while stirred. This is not designed for measuring outdoor algae.

Leaf Photosynthesis MultispeQ V1.0


Measures many photosynthesis-related parameters in <15 seconds, including:

  • Chlorophll Fluorescence: Phi2, PhiNPQ, PhiNO, NPQt, qL, LEF
  • Relative Chlorophyll: SPAD
  • Proton Motive Force: ECSt, vH+, gH+
  • Absorbance at: 450, 535, 605, 650, 730, 850, 880, and 940nm.
  • Leaf Thickness (in mm), angle, and cardinal direct...


  1. leaf color? (Multiple Choice)



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