measuring protocol for wheat?

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Dear fellow researchers and scientists,

I was wondering if there is an uniform protocol for measuring wheat plants in a canopy?

They way a measurement is done has such a big influence on the final results, that I'm struggling what the best procedure is to get useful results for some parameters. for example: phi2 is so dependent on the measured light intensity, that it's difficult to reproduce data in a canopy.

So is there a protocol available that is already considered as standard? If not, can we work together to set up such a protocol?

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    Mar 2019

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    Mar 2019

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David M. Kramer

Mar 2019

Hi Brecht,

You have raised an important question that applies to all species and conditions: how can one measure photosynthesis without introducing errors or bias!

We at PhotosynQ and in my lab have been studying tons of PhotosynQ data to assess these kinds of issues. I will give you a very brief reply now, but hopefully we can continue the conversation and address this in detail. Things that matter: randomization or even-ization of leaf position (in canopy or in monocots across the leaf), field position, time of day (one must be careful to not start at one end of the field and work through the rest).

We've made some tools to help address these issues. I have to be somewhere soon, so I will follow up more when I can.


Thank you very much Dave.

These are indeed some valid points to consider. Looking forward to see more.